Our approach

Our mission is to drive transformational global progress in tackling AMR. We will do this by leading the game-changing science necessary to create vital new antibiotics, and providing robust evidence towards more effective resistance management, in the most impactful contexts. 

7 Defining Values:

Moonshot mindset

The goals of the IOI are extremely ambitious- to match the scale of the growing AMR challenge. We are aiming for breakthroughs which could transform the global fight against resistance and the way we manage human, animal and environmental health. 

If it wasn’t difficult, it would have been done already – but we believe our goals are possible, and that we can create the conditions to achieve them. This is how science progresses.

Thinking AND doing

The issues of AMR are complex, multifaceted and global- and growing. Action and progress are urgently needed but hitherto, have largely been found wanting. The global health and economic cost of escalating antimicrobial resistance could be unprecedented. 

We exist to take meaningful, scalable action to improve global outcomes, and this is our only measure of success.  

Excellence is the baseline

The IOI has been established at the University of Oxford, and draws on decades of world-class research and world-changing academic excellence. It is funded and supported by INEOS, a young and successful global manufacturing company with a track record of solving ambitious challenges. 

We accept nothing less than excellence in our people, partners and processes. 

Rigour and rationale 

Everything we do, in the lab, field and office, is approached with critical reasoning. We perform meticulous science, and plan all work to align with our ultimate goals. We commit our funding carefully to maximise its impact, and uphold the highest standards of safety and ethics in our research and our behaviours. 
We evaluate progress constantly.

Different is necessary 

Breakthroughs require new modes of thinking and doing. By taking different approaches to old questions, and reexamining old ground with new technology, we can make new discoveries. Diversity of thought and experience is essential to achieving our goals, and we seek this in our teams and our partners. 

Unprecedented collaboration for unprecedented outcomes

The breadth and scale of the AMR threat calls for extraordinary, proactive collaboration and communication. Within academia we combine cutting edge tools and expertise from a range of disciplines and centres to advance understanding of drug resistance and its solutions. 

Beyond this, we strive for the committed co-operation between academia, industry and government essential to turn the tide on AMR. 

Talent, tenacity and teamwork 

We bring not only the world’s most talented specialists, but the world’s most tenacious problem solvers to work on our programmes. We foster an environment of supportive and communicative teamwork to fuel our drive. Through our output, the people we hire, and the people we educate we aim to advance the field of AMR research and action for the long term.